Kids Corner

A lot of times, I get asked to review children’s books. Mostly in the middle grade range, sometimes lower. Now I do still read YA, but a lot of times I find it hard to get into middle grade. However, I have 3 children : ages 12,10 and 8, who have now become my sounding board for children’s books.

From now on, I will either read and review the book myself, read it to/with the kids and we’ll discuss it, or one of them will read it and give me a summary. The last time I asked for a summary, my seven year old (at the time) wrote me a one page book report. It was hilarious.

Also, I will be posting all children’s book reviews here, so they’ll be easily searchable.

Logan and the Mystical Collar by Suzanne Burke

The Rise of the Phoenix by Suzanne Burke