About Me

I am a mom to 3 fabulous children. I am 33. I work at a bookstore and work for a content management company from home.

I love music, reading books, looking at books, talking about books, pretty much anything to do with books. I love chocolate, superheroes and Netflix. I hate clowns. I generally tend to read thrillers, and YA, mainly paranormal YA, classic literature and every once in a while a steamy romance. BUT I am open to reading really anything. I’ll give any book a chance. I started this blog to talk about my passion for books and reading, to review books, and to connect with other readers, writers and book-a-holics. I hope you enjoy my blog, thanks for dropping by!

My email is kristenchandler08@msn.com.
Find me on Twitter: @mom2hjk and Instagram @shelf_life_