Demon Hunting with A Sexy Ex by Lexi George @SDSXXTours


by Lexi George
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Pub Date: 9/19/2017



Cassandra Ferguson McKenna, aka the

Witch of Devil River, has only one thing to say to her demon-hunting

ex: We are never ever getting back together. Sure, Duncan Dalvhani

may be the hottest thing this side of the Mason-Dixon line. He’s

got a body to die for—which is hard to ignore when he skinny dips

in her river every day—and swears he loves her. But as a demon

hunter, Duncan is the sworn enemy of a demonoid sorceress like

Cassandra. Give him another chance to break her heart? Witch, please.

But when Cassandra is attacked by a werewolf, Duncan not only comes

to her rescue, he helps her take on a band of magic-drunk

moonshiners, fire-breathing demons, shifty shapeshifters, and a pet

Sasquatch named Sugar. Welcome to Alabama. But when a portal opens up

for even more hellaciousness, Cassandra has to admit that Duncan is

slowly opening her heart—to a whole new world of unearthly delights

. . .

Lexi George is an appellate attorney by

day, but by night she writes laugh-out-loud paranormal romance. She

is a member of RWA, and loves to hear from readers.


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