TOP TEN TUESDAY – My Top Ten Books Read in 2016


Top Ten Tuesday is a meme brought to you by the gals over at The Broke and the Bookish.

I used to participate somewhat, and trying to jump start my New Years Resolutions…I am going to try to keep up with more posts like this in 2017. Starting with this one

Okay, so my top ten that I read in 2016. WOW. That is so hard. And according to The Broke and the Bookish, it doesn’t have to be books published in 2016, just books read in 2016.

But still, it’s hard for a book nerd like myself to narrow down only TEN books that I loved in 2016. The following books I either rated 5 stars (which I am very stingy with) or 4-4.5 stars. and they definitely stood out to me out of the many books I read this year.

However, here we go (in no particular order):

(1) Built by Jay Crownover


Jay Crownover is a favorite of mine, for sure. She can write some of the sexiest, most swoonworthy men. And Built gave me a newfound love for bearded men.

(2) Stardust Destiny by Nazarea Andrews



I love mob stories and I also love re-tellings. This modern re-telling of Helen of Troy is BOTH. And over the past year I have become a huge fan of Nazarea’s writing.

(3) She Dims the Stars by Amber Johnson


I absolutely love Amber Johnson. She first grabbed me with the hot and witty manny, Andrew, in Eight Days a Week. Then completely stole and broke my heart with Tyler and Emily in Maybe. Personally, I didn’t see how she could do any better. And then she wrote She Dims the Stars. If I thought any of her other books touched me on a personal level, okay maybe they did, but not the level that this one really hit me with all the feels. It’s so hard to speak out about mental illness, especially when so many people who don’t struggle with it don’t understand it. Audrey gave me and a lot of other people not only someone to relate to, but a voice.

(4) He Will Be My Ruin by KA Tucker


KA Tucker is another favorite of mine. And this is one of those good keep you guessing mysteries that I was so fond of when I was a younger reader. I read a lot of romance, YA, NA, and southern literature these days, so it’s good to revert back to the genre that made me fall in love with reading every once in a while.

(5) In the Mind of Revenge by Liv Hadden


This was one of those books that completely surprised me. Even when books are unique in their own genre, they still kind of blend together. It is rare to find a book that is truly unique and you can read it and say “WOW! I have never read a book like that.” Or at least “I haven’t read a book like that in a really long time.”  I never would have guessed that I would love it like I did. I think the thing that stood out the most is that whole time you’re not even sure if the narrator is a male or female. They’re simply a person, who has been wronged, and is seeking revenge. This book is deep and dark and twisty and the writing is fantastic. It’s definitely worth checking out.

(6) Tru & Nelle by Greg Neri


Being a mom of three, I read my fair share of children’s literature. Whether I am reading it with my kids, reviewing it for the blog, or simply screening it before my kids read it. I had not heard of this author before, but he obviously became big news in my town when he chose to write a historical fiction novel based on the childhood of two of our towns most famous authors. Picturing Truman and Nelle Harper as children was not hard to do, between Greg’s descriptive story telling and actually living in the town they grew up and knowing where exactly they lived and played.

Also, I met the author and he is one cool dude and does some awesome work with inner city kids and school assemblies.

(7) Cora Jean by Lawrence Gulley


I have known Mr. Lawrence Gulley for years and I think he pretty much shocked EVERYONE in our small town when he published this book. Not only that, but it was GOOD. It definitely deserves a place on my top ten.

(8) Circumstantial Evidence by Pete Earley


This is an older book that I had heard of but have actually never read. Again, based in my hometown but this time a true story. This was based on the unsolved murder of a young white girl in the 80s in a small town in Alabama, and the black man who was wrongfully imprisoned for her muder. I heard the stories about this growing up, since I was pretty young when it happened, but it was nice to read this as an adult where I could fully understand it. And plus, I’ve been on a huge history kick this past year and this IS history: history of the town where I live.

(9) Hamilton the Revolution by Lin Manuel Miranda


Okay, this isn’t technically a BOOK book. But it is very informative, which is the purpose of  a book, no? I am a sucker for back story and reading this I learned a lot of back story, on not only the actors but the songs and the entire musical as well. PLUS I am just as much of a musical nerd as I am a book nerd. And Hamilton is my Jamilton.

(10) The Twilight Wife by AJ Banner


Okay, bottom line this book blew my mind. I love psychological thrillers and this one did NOT disappoint.I love books that make you think long after they’re over. I definitely will read more by AJ Banner.


All Signs Lead Back to You by Aniesha Brahma


I have really broadened my reading genres over the past two or three years and have started reading more diverse stories. This one is about Ashwin and Diya, who are best friends turned boyfriend and girlfriend who later break up but just can’t seem to get over each other. This one definitely reminded me of  a John Green novel. I had read some of Brahma’s work before, but this one knocked it out of the park.

SO this is my top ten best books I read in 2016 Again, in no particular order. Hope you enjoy and hope you check some of hese amazing books out!!




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