Friday Five

Okay guys, so my blog schedule has been all over the place. As in I have had no schedule. Which is okay, but I am a woman who likes order and routine and lists and what not, and when I just randomly posting reviews combined with scheduled blog tours, I feel a little out of control.
SO I am going to try to start a new schedule of sorts.
Fridays in addition to any other content that I might have will be the Friday Five Feature.
A Friday Five is a list of five anything that I am interested in. It will be random and will vary from week to week. For instance this week, the Friday Five has nothing to do with books.
Which is kind of a shocker (but maybe not) considering my blog is about books……but that’s another thing. I plan to start posting other content in addition to book reviews. Things I am interested in, entertainment, human interest pieces, etc.
Without further ado, I will introduce this Friday’s Friday Five:

Five Tracks I Love From the Hamilton Mixtape:

In honor of the release of the Hamilton Mixtapr today, I decided to kick off my first Friday Five by naming the five tracks I love the most from The Hamilton Mixtape. I ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY love Hamilton and all things Hamilton and all things Lin Manuel Miranda and all things theatre so trying to pick only five was a little hard. SO I may have picked more than five. And also, I pulled in a guest blogger aka one of my minions in on this one since she is a Hamilnerd like myself. She will also share her Top 5.

ANYWAY enough babbling…….here we go:

(1) My Shot – The Roots feat Joell Ortiz,Busta Rhymes and Nate Ruess) My Shot is one of my favorite songs from the musical so I was equally excited about a remix. When I read the tracklist for the Hamilton Mixtape, I freaked. My 34 year old self fangirled. My daughter looked at me like I was nuts and I was like “You don’t understand….this is the soundtrack of my teenage years. I grew up listening to a lot of these artists.”

And I promise you, every time that Busta Rhymes comes in I either scream BUSTA RHYMES or I break my neck (come on).

(2) Wait For It by Usher

Again the soundtrack from my teenage years


They call me U-S-H-E-R-R-A-Y-M-O-N-D.

If you sang that instead of spelling it out, then you know where I’m coming from.

Anyway…..Leslie Odom Jr. has this smooth as silk voice and he just freaking dominates on Wait For It, but if anyone could cover it, it would be Usher. And he nailed it. He took it, put his own spin on it, but at the same time didn’t out do Leslie’s version. So Hamilfans have not one, but now two kick ass versions of Wait For It to listen to.

(3) Helpless by Ashanti featuring Ja Rule

If there was one song that I couldn’t wait to hear on this whole damn album, it was this one. I cannot even begin to tell you how many “featuring Ja Rule” songs I jammed out to back in the day.

I remember the first time I found out who Ja Rule was. This was back in the late 90’s when Internet was still kicking off so we didn’t have google at our fingertips like we do now. OR maybe we did, but ya girl here just hadn’t figured it out.

Anyway, I remember the song. It was Can I Get A… Jay Z featuring Amil and Ja Rule. Well of course, I heard the song on the radio first. Then they released the video on TRL (remember TRL???) so I waited after school all through the countdown to see this new video to this new song I was obsessed with. I was already somewhat familiar with JayZ, but not with Amil or Ja Rule. So JayZ opens up, then comes Amil and then comes the “uh, uh, uh, UH….IT AINT EASY TO QUESTION……….wait, what?

That little man is producing all of THAT? (And yes the whole time his  shirtless self was popping up throughout the video before he actually rapped, I was oblivious). So after that I was a total Ja Rule fan.

And this song was EXACTLY everything I had hoped that it would be. Thank you LMM for making me feel 17 again.

(4) History Has Its Eyes On You by John Legend

I don’t really know what to say about this one except listen to it. Chris Jackson has always had that soulful sound, so of course you would need someone as equally soulful to cover it.

John Freaking Legend.

I mean from the first chord, I felt like I was listening to a gospel song. And then John’s velvety smooth vocals jump in and it is absolute bliss.

(5) It’s Quiet Uptown by Kelly Clarkson

Okay this song makes me bawl like baby every time I listen to the original. And when I saw Kelly’s name by this track for the Mixtape, I had complete faith in her. I knew my girl would come through. I have been a Kelly Clarkson fan since her American Idol days. And then I read the backstory on this one….about how Kelly got the request from her agent to do this song, and she had not heard any songs from Hamilton yet, and they wanted her to sing THIS song, and she was pregnant at the time.

But, naturally she nailed it.

AND of course I couldn’t pick just 5, so here are my bonus tracks:
(1) Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story by The Roots featuring Common and Ingrid Michaelson

(2) You’ll Be Back by Jimmy Fallon and The Roots

(3) Satisfied by Sia featuring Miguel and Queen Latifah

(4) Burn by Andra Day

(5) That Would Be Enough by Alicia Keys

AND for a Bonus bonus, my daughter is just as obsessed with musical theatre as I am and loves Hamilton probably more than I do. So here are her Top 5 picks:

(1) Wait For It

(2) Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

(3) Satisfied

(4) My Shot

(5) Take a Break (She’s a total fan of beatboxing)

Okay guys so here is my first new, non book feature. Hope you enjoy it!!!


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