Immortal Kiss by Laura Daleo


About the Book:

Centuries ago ten powerful vampire gods first walked the earth; their blood thirst knew no boundaries. The destruction of mankind was inevitable. Recognizing their weakness, they selected twelve wise human beings to transform with their godly blood. These twelve, known as The Old Ones and The Council, govern The Ten. A blood lottery appeasing The Ten’s hunger was set forth into the human world and passed down every fifth generation, continuing into the present day.
All of Beth Ryan’s life a mysterious mist watched over her, a mist she believed to be a vampire. On a cold winter night, she comes face to face with Philippe Delon, a 700 year old vampire with a human soul. Beth is certain Philippe is the vampire behind the mist. She is drawn to him, accepting his immortality without question or fear.
Beth and Philippe cannot deny their love for each other, nor do they try to fight it. Within days of their encounter, Beth accepts Philippe’s invitation to move into his mansion. The mansion unlocks the door to the vampire world and exposes secrets from Beth’s past. Within its walls, she learns the true identity of the mist, her link to the blood lottery, and betrayal of her loved ones. Surrounded by lies, Beth stands before The Council begging for resolution.

About the Author:

“I was born and raised in Sunny San Diego, California. A creative writing class in junior high sparked my desire to tell stores. I’ve been a hostess, bookkeeper, accountant, manager, and animal advocate, but writing anything paranormal has always been my passion. Throughout my professional career, I squeezed in writing whenever I could. I camped out late at night in front of my computer, with my five basset hounds, Edie, Lucy, Stuart, Morgan, and Dexter, my toughest critics asleep at my feet. Now I’m living out my dream as an author.”

What I thought:

Okay. I am a little skeptical about vampire books because I just got burned out on them. And sometimes they just get repetitive. I mean you can only spin a vampire story so many ways and most of that has covered.

And I will admit, I was a little hesitant when I started. I mean “the mist”? I thought “Oh wow, this is going to be hard for me to get into.


Fortunately, the book picked up and got more interesting. A lot more interesting. And the author definitely did a good job of originality with the vampire concept.

There were a few things I didn’t care for much in the book, but they weren’t bad enough to keep me from enjoying the book.

For example, the instalove between Phillipe and Beth. And Beth and Amon. Yes. There’s a love triangle (which I actually love). And then Beth came across as annoying some of the time.

But the things I liked outweighed the things I didn’t like. While I didn’t care too much for the instalove, I liked the concept and the love triangle. And there was so much deception! I also thought the writing was really good. The vampires were a bit much at times, but take into consideration they are hundreds of years old. I liked the concept of Beth being half-vampire and half-human, and how she was half-vampire was intriguing. There was a lot of intensity,especially towards the end. I am really glad theres going to be a sequel because I’m looking forward to it.

I give this book 4 stars!

And now for a little fun, I interviewed (via email) the author Laura Daleo. 

Writing/Book Questions:

(1) How would you describe your writing process? I write a few chapters, stop, re-read them, and then make my edits.

(2) Do you have any strange writing habits? I have to have a Starbucks Iced Coffee when I write.

(3) What authors inspired you to write (if any)? Anne Rice, Stephen King, Peter Straub, and Dean Koontz. (Great choices)

(4) How do you choose character names? Their names just pop into my head. I know this sounds strange, but that’s what happens. (Interesting)

(5) Favorite Book(s): Interview With a Vampire

(6) Favorite Author(s): Anne Rice

(7) What book do you wish that you had written? I don’t have an answer for this one.

(8) What do you consider to be your best accomplishment? (This can be anything, doesn’t necessarily have to be writing related) Getting a publishing contract.

(9) Have you always wanted to write? Since 7th grade

(10) What advice would you give to aspiring writers? Never given up on your dreams and persistence pays off.

(11) If you could pick one other job, besides writing books and what you currently do besides writing books, what would that be? Interior Designer.

(12) Is there one subject that you would never write about? I’ll answer that a different way and state what I only write about which is dark vampire fantasy.

(13) What do you have going on right now? What can we expect next from you? I am currently working on The Vow, and in the queue is The Vampire Within.

(14) Do you listen to music when you write? If so, tell me 3-5 songs on your playlist. I do not listen to music when I write.

(15) Do you or have you incorporate(d) real life experiences into your books? No.

Crazy Questions:
(1) Have you ever been in a bar fight? No.

(2) A lot of times, characters in book find themselves in hard to get out of situations. When was the last time you found yourself in one of those and what did you do? I guess my life is rather boring as this hasn’t happened to me.

(3) What is your biggest fear? I don’t like to fly.

(4) What do you want written on your tombstone? Lover of animals. (Awesome!)

(5) Do you have any secret talents? I don’t know that it’s a secret but I’m also an artist.

(6) What is one place you have never been, but would love to go? Egypt. (Great choice!)

(7) If you were a superhero, what would your name be? And your power? Never thought about it.

(8) If you were an animal, what animal would you be? Basset Hound.

(9) What is one thing you would like to accomplish before you die? A best selling author with a large fan base.

(10) If you could have an accent from anywhere in the world, what accent would you choose? British. (Me too!)

(11) Do you have any tattoos? How many? None.

(12) Do you have any scars? From what? None.

(13) What was your favorite toy as a child? stuffed cats.

(14) What is your favorite food and drink? pizza and Starbucks.

(15) If you could be the opposite sex for a day, would you? Nope.

Thanks so much Laura, for answering these and for giving me the opportunity to read your book. I look forward to seeing what you do next! 


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