Logan and the Mystical Collar by Suzanne Burke

I do mostly review books that I myself would generally read. However, I occasionally review children’s books because I do in fact have children. I am trying to instill into them a love of reading like my own. And while I am a huge fan of several classic children’s books (my kids already have copies of practically all of the books I adored as a child) new children’s books are coming out all the time, so I like to see what all is out there. And if its something I’m not familiar with, I kind of like to check it out before I give my kids the go-ahead to read it.

I review children’s books in one of three ways. I either read them myself, read them to my kids, or let one of my two older children read them. If I do the latter, I will ask them a bunch of questions, ones I usually cover myself in reviews. Occasionally my middle child will write a book report on one I ask her to read (her idea, not mine and she’s 7).

I read Logan and the Mystical Collar myself this time, but I liked it and I know that my son will love it because he likes dogs and history, and this has both. So, I have passed it on to him to read next.


Logan and the Mystical Collar is an entertaining tale in the Greyhound series by Suzanne Burke. This is actually the second book in this series, but it was the first that I have read. It was really cute. Logan, a Greyhound, awakes and realizes that he is not only not at home, but in a completely different time period: ancient Egypt. While Logan is light haired and the other dogs are dark haired, they still remind him of some of his brothers and sisters from home. He also realizes he is now the pet of Cleopatra, but she is not yet the queen.

There were a lot of things to like about this book. The balance of factual information mixed with imagination was just right, so even if you’re not a history buff, you would still enjoy it. The author also provided a lot of information on Ancient Egypt and greyhounds in the back of the book. There was also a lot of action and adventure to keep it interesting. As a mom, my favorite part was the underlying message of bullying, which is addressed when Zeus, Cleopatra’s guard dog bullies Logan.

As I said before, I enjoyed this, and have passed it to my son, whom I think will enjoy it as well. It reminded me a little of the show Wishbone that used to come on PBS (and I just dated myself).

I give Logan and the Mystical Collar 4.5 stars.

About the Author:

Suzanne Burke is a native of Richmond, Virginia but currently lives in Dallas, Texas with her retired racing greyhounds. She has over ten years experience working with greyhounds as volunteer for the Greyhound Adoption League of Texas. Suzanne also has over 15 years experience in information technology in project management and technical writing.

Read more about Greyhounds here:


And don’t forget to check out Logan and the Mystical Collar on Goodreads and Amazon.

I would also like to thank the author and PJ Nunn for providing me with a review copy of this book 🙂


One thought on “Logan and the Mystical Collar by Suzanne Burke

  1. Thank you for the great review! Greyhounds are interesting characters to write about because their personalities are each unique with just enough goofiness to bring giggles. Truly a loving docile breed, their history of over 4,000 years side by side with humans is incredible. The third book in the trilogy, “The Rise of the Phoenix”, is in production and slated for a Q1, 2016 release. Full of illustrations, and set in Great Britain during the medieval period, this story solves the mystery of the phoenix from Logan and the Mystical Collar. Look for it on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com soon!


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